Walking Dead Actor David Morrisey Helps Out in Mediterranean Crisis

David Morrissey an actor on the hit series The Walking Dead, has joined the Greek coast guard to help boat migrants who get in trouble off small island of Lesvos.

Morrissey, a representative for the United Nations Refugee Agency, was filmed during an operation helping children get onto the rescue vessel.

He urged European leaders to find a lasting solution to the crisis calling it ”the challenge of our age” and called for ”meaningful and credible alternatives”.

EU member states are still wrangling over some 40,000 refugees whom they agreed to distribute across the bloc. Although the move would be a first, in terms of its scale, the reality is that the number of refugees being relocated is a drop in the ocean.

This year alone Greece and Italy alone had already taken some 150,000 by the end of June. And that is without counting a surge in arrivals through the Western Balkans route, which is partly fuelled by the migrants landing on Greece.

Struggling with a major economic and financially crisis, The Hellenic Republic is completely un preprepared for the situation, Morrisey said.

”The Greek authorities are battling with their own economic crisis and this previously unseen surge in the number of refugees is too much of a burden for one country to face at the best of times, never mind at this testing period in Greek history.”

One incident in particular effected Morrissey, a father of three. Mohamed a 13-year -old boy travelled unaccompanied from Aleppo, Syria to Greece.

The actor said: “I couldn’t imagine not seeing or hearing from my 13-year-old child for two years, wondering where they are in the world and not knowing if they are safe or not. Praying that they are met with kindness and compassion.”