Development is Answer to Migration and Security Crises – UN Special Adviser

Sustainable development is central to solving global security and migratory issues, according to UN adviser Amina Mohammed.

Amina J Mohammed

Left: Amina J Mohammed UN General Secretary’s Special Adviser

”We may not have as many wars as in the past but quite frankly the type of conflict that we have puts everybody’s security a risk,” said the special adviser to the UN general secretary.

She was speaking at a conference on the financing of development at the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Monday.

”It’s commendable that people want to save lives crossing the Mediterranean and that navy fleet goes – it’s brilliant that you’re going to get them at the other end – but what about stemming the tide?” Mohammed said. ”How about using these goals to actually invest in the reasons why people would put their life at risk? That involves a global partnership; its the countries where they are coming form but also the investments that needs to happen in those countries to make it so.”

Mohammed used the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as an example of fruitful global cooperation but said the global financial crisis and the rise of Islamist terrorist groups and Ebola limited the success of the targets.

Further development, she stressed, is key to solving the current migratory and security issues. ”Inequality and exclusion are just so deadly: we can’t leave people or countries behind. It’s incredibly dangerous.”