About Us

At Xchange, we believe in the power of data to transform public perception on human migration. We dig beyond the headlines to add meaning to numbers and advocate for better knowledge of migration through freely available data visualisation and analysis, as well as in-depth research and reports. Our data is the summary of thousands of individual journeys. Our goal is to cast a spotlight on the information gaps found along the main migratory routes for the benefit of all, not least migrants themselves.

As our name suggests, we are eager to work with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, sources, ideas and solutions. We believe that through the exchange of migration-specific research and data, we can generate greater awareness of the phenomenon of human migration. We aspire to turn data into insight, and insight into action.

We provide reliable open-source information, with a focus on two regions:


We collect, present and analyse data in our Migration Geo-Portal to promote a better understanding of migratory trends towards Europe. Our work focuses specifically on migration flows and fatal incidences during the sea journeys to Italy, Greece, and Spain. We update the Migration Geo-Portal monthly, giving insight into the most recent developments in the Mediterranean diaspora.We research and write monthly, in-depth reports on the region, covering the most pressing migration issues.

Southeast Asia

We collect, present and analyse data, for in-depth projects and specialist investigations.